18 Dec 2020

Thank you Bali Cool

Buying and selling a house in Bali in normal times, Bali is a road filled with potholes. Trying to sell a house in Bali during a pandemic is a minefield filled with potholes. So, to be successful, you need a good agent. Fortunately, for me, I had one in Bali Cool Property. I write to thank you for having so carefully and painstakingly negotiated the minefield and very much gone the extra mile on my behalf. Any Balinese transaction requires patience but in these difficult times several additional doses were required and I am so grateful you were there to help deal with the various trip wires that were thrown in over the last few months.

I have been associated with Bali in one form or another for several decades and I am familiar with most of the property agents and I know, beautiful island thought it may be, how difficult it can be to do business there. I very much doubt another agent would have handled my case with your level of expertise, patience and extra co-operation. I very much appreciate all that you and your agency have done on my behalf and for getting me the payment under such difficult circumstances, with the island closed for so long. I hope that you will have a much better 2021 and beyond.

Kind regards


Frank Macaluso