23 Dec 2019


Ketut (and his wife Tracy) or Riri and the rest of the team have provided us with a service second to none for over five years.

We had a lovely villa but rental income was not even covering costs until a friend said “Try Bali Cool”

So we did and what a good decision. Ketut and the team transformed the Villa ,re organised the advertising and within the year we had a spotless Villa and a healthy rental income. Maintenance issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently so when we decided to sell we had an impressive property to put on the market.

 Naturally Bali Cool also handled the sale and by now they were friends not just agents and we trusted them to look after our interests even although we had returned to the UK.

They found us a buyer and the sale went through smoothly in January 2019 because I was happy to give them my Power of Attorney to act on my behalf. I didn’t even have to be in Bali to complete the sale. Ketut and the team did it all.

It’s a matter of trust!

Oh, and finally have you ever called or what’s Apped your agent and waited in vain for a response?

Well Ketut/Tracy always replies and often at crazy times day and night.

 Terima kasih Bali Cool.  David and Ruth

David & Ruth L