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25 Sep 2014

Good at "bridging the gap"

My wife, 3 children and I have been living in Bali for almost 6 months now, having moved here from Sydney Australia. There are many challenges when you move to a different country, especially one as different culturally and logistically from ours as Indonesia is. 

We were fortunate enough to stumble onto "Bali Cool Property" run and owned by Ketut "Jeff" Sumartana and his wife Tracy Chapman. They helped us to locate a suitable house and then assisted us with negotiating a reasonable price. Legal practices and customs differ greatly between the 2 countries. The advice and guidance provided by Tracy and Jeff was extremely valuable. Tracy's UK/European upbringing, experience in the property management industry and good humour coupled with Jeff's gentle patience and infinite knowledge of local customs and expectations means they are so good at "bridging the gap" between the foreigner tenant and the Indonesian landlord. The advice and assistance they provided for us before, during and after the contracts were signed was invaluable. I would recommend their company to any one seeking to stay in Bali on a medium to long term basis. 

Yours faithfully

Matt Thomas


Matt Thomas