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27 Jun 2014

The convenience of a one stop shop

27 June 2014

 Dear Ketut,

It gives me pleasure to write this testimony about Bali Cool Property, one of the most customer-service oriented agents I have had the pleasure of working with.

1. They demonstrates great persistence: despite the negotiation period extending over a protracted period of 7 months, which would have seen most agents give up, They persevered until the deal was completed

2. They went out of their way to assist me and keep me informed of progress

3. They are professional communicators and responded promptly and courteously whenever I required information

4. The agent possesses expert local and regional knowledge developed over years of dealings in the Indonesian and Bali property market

5. Their experience is most evident in their approach to dealing with  the other consultants that are crucial when buying property in Bali

6. They provide first rate after sales service which in my case help expand holiday rental opportunities.

If I could summarise into a sentence the value Bali Cool Property brings to the table it is this: they offer the convenience of a one stop shop with competent  set-and -forget management that provides me the reassurance of knowing  my property is being managed and handled on the best possible terms now and into the future.

 Warm Regards,

Peter Wilson


Sea Breeze Homes Pty Ltd


Peter Wilson